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To all those who don't appreciate pictures of animals, - take a look in a mirror and you will know why some of us do!

New Homepage - For animals only!


Pages about animals

5 Puppies for sale    
Animals on fur farms Animals Right Of Live  HP Awful Video - Please, Help !
Animal Welfare    IFAW A Request from Australia - Please Help ! A Stupid Cat ?
Bonsai Kitty Boycott Alaska - NOW ! Baby Seals
Bullfight in Spain - Video    
Canadian Murders Chinese Dog Murders  
Dog eaten by another Dog in Spain Dogfights Dog abuse in Bulgaria It´s a shame
Dog abuse in South Korea Do you love Elephants?  
Exhibited elephants End Hunting NOW Easter egg hunts
eBay - STOP  ivory auctions!    
Flying Animal Torture From Canada to Denmark  
Goodbye my love, Ditte - Video Greenland  Sled  Dogs Goldfish Blender
Hell on wheels in America Horse Friends Hurricane Rescue Story
Hummingbirds How they kill dogs  in China  
It is Just a Dog Iceland hunting Whales ! ! !  
Keep Smiling Kangaroo´s Kennedy Space Eagles
Killing  the Whales ! Why ? Kiss the Annimals  
Links to Animalpages Live dogs as bait !  
Meet Herbert My dog Ditte(Danish)  
No charge for Love    
Over 230,000 Seals Will Die    
Petition for Poultry    
Quilts Animals    
Swiss export dogs to China Stop Animal Abuse Save the Wolves
Saddest show on earth    
Talking Dog    
Very big Animals    
Why House Animals?    

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