Our journey in words

A bit about our lovely but unfortunately all too short vacation.

Tyrkiet er ca. 18 gange større end Danmark


Afstand med Fly = 2,515 km - Med Bil = ca.3,450 km

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I did drive by my car to Gothenburg and was with Joan a few days before we flew from Landvetter and landed 4 hours later in Antalya. We met the lovely warm but it was what we had hoped. Then it was 2 hour bus to Alanya and our Hotel.

We arrived at 0430 and was greeted by a friendly receptionist who assigned our room. Every morning there was a nice breakfast with freshly baked bread. I loved it. There were cold cuts, cheese, ferskost, oliver, jam, cucumber, tomatoes, eggs and watermelon. That is a fine reason to start the day with.

Mornings we spent a lot to look around in Alanya. It is a city that you might never get it all off. We did constantly discovering new things. Joan had been here once before, so she had more or less control of where we went.

A wonderful place is the Grand Bazaar, located in Alanya above Cleopatra beach. There is every thing you can buy for Lira as their money is called. Each and every other man who worked there understood one of the Nordic languages, so he certainly could ask us about how you feel. When we were tired of walking, we found a restaurant where we ate and the food was just so delicious. They served always a warm freshly baked bread with two sauces which was - yes just so good. One was a chili / tomatdip and the other was made of yoghurt / garlic / mint.

When afternoon came, we went to the beach which was 50 meters from the hotel. We just had to walk across the street so we were on the beach. The water was 25 degrees so it was nice to swim. We met a Danish couple who we chatted a bit on our beach trips.

We were on a sightseeing tour of Alanya and had obviously teach us a lot about it.

Unfortunately Joan was not well when we left home so she had to go to bed one day. We picked up medication at their local pharmacy, so she did until we got home. At the doctor in Gothenburg, it appeared that she had pneumonia.

We had planned a trip to Smaragdfloden but it was suspended because of much rain. It must be on the next trip.

Some evenings we ate out but most of the hotel. We had a chef who knows how to cook good food. All honor to him and the rest of the staff. One could speak seriously but also fool. Days went by just too fast.

Since we started the return journey we were nice brown satiate the stomach and the new friends we had. What more could you want?

Our travel tips: Alanya, Turkey

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